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Experts in Dishwashing and Sanitizing Solutions!


Green Drop is a leading provider of industrial dishwasher services in the Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island, New York areas. We service commercial dishwashers and deliver high and low-temperature chemical supplies to a variety of industries, such as the restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, and lodging industries for over five years.


Green Drop's full attention is devoted to the prompt delivery of the highest quality of products and service in the commercial dishwasher industry. One of the most critical aspects of our industrial service is preparedness and devotion to our customers. We know our restaurant customers want -- sparkling sanitized dishes and flatware.


We also provide the consistent ability to pass random health department inspections at any time or day of the week. That’s why we offer the monthly maintenance and service plans according to the individual needs of our customers.


Call Green Drop today at 347.506.3979 and ask for our no-obligation, Dishmachine and Chemical Service evaluation. 


We will meet the demanding industrial challenges of providing premiere sanitizing services from the front to the back-end of your growing food establishment!

61-43 186th Street, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

 Call: 347.506.3979 



Green Drop specializes in NSF, and UL approved Dishmachines, that included various brands of solidly built dishwashing models. The conventional designs offered by Green Drop are undercounter, pass-through, corner units, and glass dishwashers found in most busy commercial kitchens because they are energy efficient, user-friendly, and work fast!


Green Drop services most dishwasher brands. If you are not sure of the brand or model you own, one of our service representatives will provide a  no-obligation, Dishmachine and Chemical Service evaluation before any mechanical repair or service.


Our No-Obligation Dishmachine and Chemical Service Evaluation includes:

  1. Sanitizing Features
  2. Operating Size, and Capacity
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Speed
  5. Temperature Needs
  6. Noise Levels
  7. Energy Savings
  8. Water Use
  9. Location of Electrical Outlets
  10. Water and Drain Needs

The staff at Green Drop understands and values sparkling clean dishes, utensils, speed, and the quality of sanitation. We also know the value of serving your customers in a rush and getting out the door at closing time, which makes a big difference in your daily establishment life.


That is why we are always mindful of providing the right services and products that make the best sense for your kitchen investment. It’s the Green Drop Way!



If you own a commercial dishwasher and purchase chemical supplies and provide your mechanical maintenance, or lease sanitizing services, or want to re-evaluate your current services, then we want to hear from you!


Our service plans are affordably priced to allow you to concentrate on your business needs without the worry of chemical supply delivery, ongoing testing, and mechanical maintenance. Give us a call at 347.506.3979, make an appointment for our no-obligation, 10-point chemical and service evaluation. 


We get your dishes done right the first time, and you skip the hassle and benefit from our experience! Green Drop has a better, smarter, affordable, and more reliable method of owning, operating, and maintaining industrial dishwashers. We know because our training and experience comes from decades of working within the commercial dishwasher industry.  Go with the experts, Green Drop!


24/7 Services Plans Available 

Pay Only For The Plan That 

Fits Your Budget and Your

Sanitizing Needs!

 Call: 347.506.3979  

Safety Data Sheets


In case of an emergency or educational purposes, our Safety Data Sheets section provides information on the cleaning products we use in the ordinary course of business. The Safety Data Sheets also include product identification, supplier details, emergency instructions, and contact information. Details show the chemical ingredients, such as handling, storage, disposal, emergency protection as well as first-aid and fire-fighting measures, if needed. Read More




As our name implies, Green Drop is committed to using environmentally safe products and services whenever possible. Our community, customer and employee safety is at the top of our priorities as we continue to seek out new methods and products that are compliant with nature and environmental standards.


We believe in the use of components that will not result in the long-term decline of biological diversity and as a result, maintain the three pillars of corporate sustainability, such as the economic, environmental, and social needs of quality that fulfill the generational aspirations of present and future.